All you need to know about Super Night Vision

All you need to know about Super Night Vision -

WHy Buys February is the month to get to know your Dash cams and what to look for when you are purchasing a dash cam. Get to know all the great features and types that Thinkware has to offer like the Super Night Vision, which captures clear video footage during the bright hours of the day […]

Top 5 Dash Cam of 2023…so far

Top 5 Dash Cam of far -

The Thinkware Top 5 Dash Cams These are our top 5 Thinkware Dash Cams of 2023….so far. We have everything you need; from the best parking mode, keeping your car under constant surveillance, to our best-of-class LCD screens. Dash Cams are becoming an essential tool to keep your vehicle and your family safe while you […]

Q1000 Overview

Thinkware Dash Cam Q1000 Overview

Q1000 Overview The Thinkware Q1000 is a feature-packed dash cam with 2K resolution front and rear The Thinkware Q1000 is a dual-camera dash cam system that records in 2K resolution to the front and rear. Boasting superior night-time recording with true HDR, integrated Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for smartphone connectivity, GPS, and driver assistance systems, including speed camera […]

Our tips for winter driving.

Our tips for winter driving. -

Always Be Prepared. Whether you are driving to visit family this Autumn or heading out on a road trip, make sure you’re prepared with all the right equipment and essentials for the journey ahead. We all know that the English weather during the autumn and winter months can be very unpredictable therefore it is vital […]

What is Super Night Vision?

Super Night Vision

What is Super Night Vision? Driving at night can be a lot more intimidating than driving in the daytime. Dark roads, poor visibility, and glare caused by artificial lighting can all cause problems. That’s why you can rest assured that Thinkware Dashcam has your back during the night. A car dash cam should record quality video […]

How to power your Thinkware Dash Cam

How to power your Thinkware Dash Cam -

How to Power your Thinkware Dash Cam? There are four very simple, but different methods to install and power your Thinkware Dash Cam, inside your vehicle.  OBDII Cable The OBDII power cable plugs directly into the vehicle’s ODB diagnostic port.  This simple installation ensures seamless integration with your Thinkware Dash Cam, enabling the built-in parking […]

How to avoid ‘Crash for Cash’

Thinkware Dash Cam Crash for Cash

How to avoid ‘Crash for Cash’ ‘Crash for Cash’ is a term used when the driver behind will accidentally slam into the back of the car in front, causing a collision. Following the incident, the criminals will file an insurance claim, this will result in the criminal asking for a loss of earnings or personal […]

Commercial Vehicle Show 2022 – NEC Birmingham

Commercial Vehicle Show

Thank you to all the Thinkware Staff and the organisers at the Commerical Vehicle Show and all the visitors who came to say ‘hello’. I was great to see everyone at the NEC in Brimingham. We had a great 3 days showcasing Thinkware. If you saw our stand you would have seen the Thinkware demo […]

Thinkware Technical Bulletin: Android 12 and Thinkware Cloud App Connectivity

Thinkware Dash Cam Cloud App

Thinkware Technical Bulletin: Android 12 and Thinkware Cloud App Connectivity We are pleased to announce that the Thinkware Cloud App for Android has a new updated version available on the play store. This will fix the previous connectivity issues that were first introduced in the Android 12 update.   You can find the new version […]