Thinkware's MB-100 Multiplier box transforms the F200PRO, T700, X700 & F790 into a 5 Channel system providing all round protection for your vehicle.

The rear camera's recording feed is neatly split into 4 smaller but still highly detailed pictures on the video file reducing the need for a larger DVR storage system.

Simply choose any one of the below packages to add to your choice of a front-facing, or front & rear dash cam. Compatible dash cams are then displayed in the package page

All packages include the additional camera & MB-100 multiplier box.

Simply choose one of the below packages to go with your choice of a front-facing dash cam.

Multi-Camera Packages Fleet

Standard Internal

Thinkware’s standard rear-facing camera option, perfect for those wanting more coverage whilst driving or parked

Internal Infrared

Need to keep a record of what’s happening in the cab day or night? just add Thinkware’s Internal Infrared camera, this is perfect for taxi drivers providing evidence of what’s been happening to the driver or passengers.
Thinkware Dash Cam 50w External Rear/Side Camera

External Rear

No Window, No Problem. With the rugged Thinkware external camera, you can pretty much place it anywhere thanks to the easy to fitting bracket.
Thinkware Dash Cam Plug & Play Power Cable

Side Cameras

Thinkware’s side camera is perfect for commercial vehicles enabling the dashcam to record what’s been happening in the blind spots of vans, HGV etc.
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