Announcing the F70 PRO !!

Taking Dash Cam Technology to the Next Level

World-leading dash cam brand THINKWARE has launched its latest product, the F70 PRO. Building upon the success of its critically acclaimed predecessor, the F70 PRO takes dash cam performance to new heights with a super compact size, 1080p Full HD front camera, parking surveillance, and anti-file corruption software.

The F70 PRO is packed with features designed to make recording and file retrieval straightforward, while guaranteeing top-notch video quality.  With Advanced Video Clear technology, a 140° wide angle lens, and 2.1MP CMOS sensor able to capture footage at 30 frames per second (fps), the F70 PRO ensures that every second of your journey is covered.  

The F70 PRO is designed with energy-saving capabilities and motion and impact detection in parking mode, ensuring your vehicle is protected against theft, vandalism, and hit-and-run incidents around the clock.

Announcing the New F70 Pro Dashcam -

Manage your dashcam remotely

INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD ON THE GO: Experience swift video downloads in your car with Thinkware Dash Cam. Now, effortlessly transfer all your recorded video files directly to your smartphone without the need to remove or insert the SD card into a computer.

FREE UP MEMORY EFFORTLESSLY WITH WIRELESS DELETION Is your memory card running out of space due to unnecessary videos? Take control and clear up valuable space directly from your smartphone. No need to wait until you’re home – now you can manage and delete videos anytime, anywhere.

EXPERIENCE REAL-TIME VIDEO PLAYBACK Immerse yourself in the moment by watching live or recorded dash cam videos directly on your smartphone using Thinkware Dashcam mobile apps. Relive your recent drives, review missed road details, and enjoy the convenience of accessing it all from your handheld device.

Effortless WiFi Connectivity

 Experience the ease of connecting your Thinkware Dash Cam to Wi-Fi networks using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), eliminating the need for manually entering network names and passwords. Gain access to Wi-Fi within just 2 minutes after activating the WPS feature on your dash cam

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