How to install your Dash Cam

Thinkware Dash Cam How to install your Dash Cam

How to install your thinkware dash cam Installing a Dash Cam may seem like a daunting task, but it is really quite a simple process especially if you are using a 12v adapter.  Here are some quick tips for installing your Thinkware Dash Cam:  Clean the inside of your windshield. Cleaning the inside glass will […]

Easy Install Packs

Thinkware Dash Cam Easy Install Packs

Are you fed up with the low-quality camera bundles with poor video recording and terrible night vision imagery? Customers can rest easy when purchasing an ‘Easy Install Pack’ from Thinkware.

Thinkware Cloud App Android Issues

Thinkware Dash Cam Cloud App

Android 12 Issues with Thinkware Cloud App With the release of Android 12, we have become aware of a compatibility issue with the Thinkware Cloud App.  Our developers are currently working on a solution and we hope to have this available soon. If you have any further questions please contact  +44 (0) 333 121 0008 […]

Why you need a dash cam.

Thinkware Dash Cam Why Do You Need A Dash Cam

Why you need a dash cam? An Extra Eye on the road A dashboard camera (Dash Cam) is a specialised on-board surveillance camera that is designed to monitor and record driving incidents. Mounted to the windshield, the camera turns on automatically upon starting the ignition, and actively records video files with an auto-looping mechanism. It […]

What is Parking Mode?

Thinkware Dash Cam What is Parking Mode?

What is Parking Mode? A dash cam’s main purpose is to record incidents while driving. However, some dash cams have the ability to record while parked. This feature is commonly called parking mode.   Dash cam parking mode is meant to record incidents such as door dings or when some one forgets to put their […]

Poner el motor en marcha

Poner el motor en marcha Cuando pasen los chubascos, será el momento de quitar los guardapolvos de las motos en el garaje para aprovechar la mejora del tiempo y las tardes más luminosas. La cámara deportiva M1 ha sido mejorada de IP66 a IP68, para ayudarle si los chubascos y las tormentas le pillan por […]

Bringen Sie Ihren Motor zum Laufen

Bringen Sie Ihren Motor zum Laufen Wenn die Schauer vorbei sind, ist es an der Zeit, die Staubschutzhauben von den Motorrädern in der Garage zu nehmen, um das Beste aus dem besseren Wetter und den helleren Abenden zu machen. Die M1-Sportkamera wurde von IP66 auf IP68 aufgerüstet, um zu helfen, wenn die Schauer und Gewitter […]

Faites tourner votre moteur

Faites tourner votre moteur Une fois les averses passées, il est temps d’enlever les housses de vos motos dans le garage pour profiter de l’amélioration du temps et des soirées plus claires. La caméra sportive M1 est passée de l’indice IP66 à l’indice IP68, pour vous aider si les averses et les orages vous prennent […]

Laat je motor draaien

Laat je motor draaien Als de buien voorbij zijn, is het tijd om de stofkappen van uw motoren in de garage te halen om te profiteren van het betere weer en de lichtere avonden. De M1 Sports cam is geüpgraded van IP66 naar IP68, om te helpen als de buien en onweersbuien u verrassen. Nu […]

Get your motor running

Get your motor running When we get past the showers, it’s time to take the dust covers off your motorbike in the garage to make the most of improved weather and lighter evenings. The M1 Sports Cam has been upgraded from IP66 to IP68, to help if the showers and thunderstorms catch you by surprise. […]