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This Wi-Fi router kit combines all of the necessary parts and accessories to create a Wi-Fi connection in your vehicle.

Equipped with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi & two Ethernet ports. The router’s compact size makes it ideal for automotive and transportation scenarios that require mission-critical connectivity in rigorous conditions.

Paired with one of Thinkware’s connected dash cams this kit can provide internet access for your dash cam while on the move & while parked*. Plus, with up to 50 connections, you don’t have to limit internet access to just your dash cam.

*The RUT200 is provided SIM free & unlocked to all networks

Stay Connected On The Move & While Parked

Wi-Fi Router Kit Includes:

Router RUT200

9W PSU Mains Power

2x LTE Antennas (Swivel, SMA male)

1x Wi-Fi Antenna (Swivel, RP-SMA male)

1x Quick Start Guide

1x Packaging Box

2x Adhesive Window Mount Antenna

1x Automotive Power Supply

1x Automotive to Bare Wire Adaptor

RUT200 Industrial Cellular Router

Wi-Fi Router Connected Packages - Thinkware Dash Cam - £169.00

RUT200 is a compact industrial cellular router that provides reliable, mission-critical connectivity in rigorous conditions common in industries like automation, transportation, and manufacturing. This model is equipped with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and two Ethernet ports, making it ideal for quickly setting up primary and backup connectivity with remote management capabilities.


4G/LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G


Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality


Automatic switching to available Backup connection


For remote management, access & VPN services
Wi-Fi Router Connected Packages - Thinkware Dash Cam - £169.00

Thinkware Connected Service Overview

Please see the below table for data usage information.

From historical data, most users use less than 500MB per month. The table below shows an example of a high-use real-world case & a maximum possible usage, where all service limits have been reached.

Wi-Fi Router Connected Packages - Thinkware Dash Cam - £169.00

Power Your Router

The RUT200 has no low battery protection mode.

We advise that if you are using the router for parking mode it is only installed when using an iVolt BAB-95 / BAB-50 or with another suitable battery guard / low voltage protector in order to protect your vehicle’s battery from excessive voltage drain.

You can easily add one of these external batteries to your package using the dropdown at the top of this page.

The Benefits of using a Dash Cam Battery Pack

 Extended Parking Mode

When Hardwired the Dash Cam will record in Parking Mode for approximately 8 hours (depending on vehicle’s battery and the voltage cut-off setting) before powering down to save power. With the iVolt Mini, your 1 Channel Dash Cam can run for 20 hours, or if you have a  2 Channel Dash Cam, 16 hours in Parking Mode before needing to recharge the battery pack.


Safe for Luxury Vehicles

If you own a Luxury Vehicle such as a BMW, battery drainage not only means replacing the vehicle’s battery but it can also require the dealership to reset the vehicle’s electronics, which can turn into an extremely expensive fix.

By using a Dash Cam Battery Pack, you will still be able to use our Advanced Parking Mode risk-free.


Avoid Wear and Tear

With a Hardwired Dash Cam, the constant discharge on the battery over a long period of time can cause wear and tear. The iVolt Mini Battery Pack only draws power to charge when you are driving the vehicle, which prevents damage to the vehicle’s battery over time. With the ignition off, the Dash Cam relies solely on the Battery Pack for power, eliminating the need to draw power from the vehicle’s battery completely.

Pair with this kit

We recommend using these Thinkware Dash Cams with this Router Kit to get the full benefits of their Thinkware Connected abilities with no drop-off.

Wi-Fi Router Connected Packages - Thinkware Dash Cam - £169.00
Receive notifications, review footage & track location when you are away from your vehicle in real-time via the Thinkware Connected smartphone app & PC Application.
Each Connected account can link up to 30 vehicles for FREE.
Ideal for families & fleet.
Strong Impact Notifications while Driving

Strong Impact Notifications while Driving

Impact Notifications when Parked

Impact Notifications when Parked

Send Emergency Message

Send Emergency Message

Remote Live View

Remote Live View

Vehicle Status and Driving History

Vehicle Status & Driving History

Captured Image of Most Recent Parking

Captured Image of Most Recent Parking

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