Thinkware Dash Cam Multiplexer Box

Multiplexer Box


Converts the T700, F790, F200 Pro and X700 into a 5 channel system.

Thinkware Dash Cam Klarna


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The Mux box is compatible with the F200Pro, X700 and T700 LTE as well as the F790. This can share the additional option rear camera feed with up to 4 rear cameras, for all round surveillance by a range of FHD cameras; internal, internal IR, external IR (for rear and side mounting) and streamlined side cameras, more suited to light commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Applications include convertibles, where internal rear cameras can’t be mounted, taxi drivers who want internal surveillance as well as external, truck fleets that want to monitor driver behaviour as well as the outside of the vehicle and the ever-expanding fleet of delivery vans.