Thinkware Dash Cam ODBII Cable

OBDII Installation Cable


Designed for easy installation, the OBDII cable enables built-in Parking Surveillance Modes; Motion Detection, Impact Detection, Time Lapse Mode*, Energy Saving Mode*

Compatible with: F100, F200, F200 Pro, F70, F750, F770, F800 Pro, Q800 Pro, U1000, T700, X330, X350, X550, X700

  • To Unlock Parking Mode functionality on Full Electric vehicles please install using the THINKWARE Hardwire Cable.
  • Only compatible for vehicles with an OBDII connector.
  • Not compatible with: F550 or F790.
*Available on Select Dash Cams
Thinkware Dash Cam Klarna


Professional installation without hardwiring – The OBDII power cable has been designed to simplify installation and ensure seamless integration for enabling the built-in parking surveillance modes in your Thinkware Dash Cam.

As no physical Hardwiring in necessary, This method should allow for a simple installation, plugging directly into your OBDII diagnostic port. This still allows for the OBDII port to be used.

Activates parking Mode – The OBDII cable allows the activation of the Thinkware dash cam parking Mode, The unit will start after 2.5 minutes to allow for vehicles with stop/start technology.