Thinkware Dash Cam Hardwiring Cable

Hardwiring Cable


Used to hardwire dash cam to vehicle power
Enables continuous surveillance when the vehicle is parked
Detects voltage level and automatically shuts off to prevent vehicle battery drain
Not compatible with the F790 Dash Cam

Thinkware Dash Cam Klarna


20% off a Hardwiring cable when purchased with select Dash Cams
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A hardwiring cable allows for custom configuration of your dash cam’s power supply. The hardwiring cable connects the dash cam to the vehicle’s electrical system. The dash cam can be set to stay recording even when the vehicle’s engine is off in the parking mode. The power module will also monitor battery voltage and turn off the dash cam when the voltage gets too low to ensure that the vehicle battery will not go flat.

We recommend having a professional install your dash cam power module.