Introducing our easy install packs

Are you fed up with the low-quality camera bundles with poor video recording and terrible night vision? Customers can rest easy when purchasing an ‘Easy Install Pack’ from Thinkware. Find a high-quality, and reliable Dash camera with easy installation in our custom bundles.  


Real-time impact detection from its built-in G-Sensor allows the camera to store incident footage automatically in a secure location on the supplied SD card. Video files are sorted into different incident files for ease of retrieval including, Incident Recording, Manual Recording & Parking Recording, which can be used as supplementary evidence for insurance purposes protecting the driver against insurance frauds or hit-and-runs.

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A Reliable Witness

In the event of an accident, it is often difficult for drivers to recall the crucial details surrounding the accident, due to the shock and stress caused by the event.


A Dash Cam plays the critical role of a reliable witness which can protect the driver against unjustified liability. With an in-car dashboard camera, you can rest assured that you have a dependable, silent companion with you at all times on your journey.

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Why Choose Thinkware?

One of the great features of all of our Easy Install Dash Cam Packs is the Super Night Vision or Super Night Vision 2.0 functionality. This allows exceptional video recording in low light conditions. Additional Safety Camera Alerts* provide extra protection.


All of our custom Easy Install Packs come with a low-profile, modern designed Dash Cam with a choice of 1080p Full HD, 2K or 4K cameras and an ODB-II Power lead.  The OBD-II power lead unlocks the power of Parking Mode without the need for a professional hardwired installation.

*GPS Required

Other Key Features:

  • 2 Year warranty
  • Full Technical Support
  • Complete package, no extra parts required
  • Format Free (No SD card formatting required)
  • Mobile app / PC viewer
  • Built In G-Sensor
  • Parking Mode with built in vehicle battery protection
  • Free of Charge Safety Camera Alerts*
  • 1080p FHD to 4K UHD
  • Package to suit every budget
  • Auto Switch on & off with car ignition
  • Modern Design
  • No Hardwiring Required

Drive with peace of mind.

Customers can now buy a premium dashcam and take advantage of all the great features without the need for professional hardwiring. Simply plug into the OBD2 (onboard diagnostics) port of the car, run the lead and you’re protected. Avoid any concerns over hardwiring as there is no permanent connection to the vehicle.

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Any Questions? 

If you have any questions about our Dash Cam’s, free to reach out to us! 

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