As you drive around, struggling to cope with glaring sunlight, just think of the challenges a dash cam has to deal with. We’re all told not to take photos directly into the sun, however a dash cam has no choice, if it is to provide all round protection. Thinkware cameras have advanced video clear technology, to cope with such challenges.


Now there is another curve ball that the camera has to cope with, and that is reflections of the dashboard from the windscreen. If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember the polaroid sunglasses advert of the bikini clad lady swimming in a pool. Well a windscreen has the same effect as the surface of the swimming pool.


Thinkware has therefore developed a polarising filter that fits over the camera lens. This accessory is supplied as standard with the higher end cameras; namely the F800 Pro, Q800 Pro and U1000, and is compatible with all the Thinkware cameras except for the MI sports cam, where it isn’t usually installed behind a windscreen.

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