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Up to now, connectivity for Thinkware Dash Cams required a WiFi hotspot. This became complicated in parking mode, as a vehicle’s inbuilt hotspot turns off with the ignition and you will take your phone with you. As our customers value parking mode features as much as driving mode a solution needed to be found, and it is finally here, the Thinkware T700 LTE. This has an inbuilt 4G modem.

For this we have teamed up with Vodafone to provide affordable connectivity, for only £3/€3 per month on a rolling monthly contract. This provides up to 5GB of data per month, which is sufficient for most if not all people’s needs. The SIM is a Smart SIM which provides national and international roaming across more that 160 countries around the World, ensuring the best possible coverage for your Thinkware camera. The Thinkware T700 has been approved for use with the Smart SIM as it is an IoT device without open internet access. Were you to out it in a non-approved product it wouldn’t work.

The Smart SIM is included in every box and to benefit from this you need to be a resident in one of the following countries: the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece and South Africa. When you receive the product, you’ll need to register the Smart SIM using the Vodafone Smart App. Instructions for this can be downloaded from our website.

For users in Europe who are not living in one of the 5 countries mentioned above, Thinkware has worked to provide an international roaming SIM that roams across the UK and the EU single market, which is the EU27 countries plus the EEA countries. This SIM is non steered, which means it finds the best network available, providing optimum coverage. Your standard mobile phone SIM is steered to a preferred network priority list, based on operator roaming agreements, and the phone will hang onto the preferred network for grim death, until it loses connection entirely. This isn’t the best experience when you want to have access to the best network available in your particular location. The usage cost of this SIM is £4 €4.50 per month for 1GB of data. Larger data plans are available, but we don’t expect users to require more.

The reason for providing these two SIMs for our customers is that they provide exceptional value and we have fully tested their compatibility. We cannot guarantee the operation with other SIMs and you can’t find SIMs that offer both national and international roaming by walking into a phone shop.