RADAR - Extended parking mode for U1000 and X1000

RADAR enables extended parking mode for the U1000 and X1000. 

Low power consumption makes the U1000 or X1000 top choices for parking mode protection.

By adding the optional RADAR sensor, parking mode can be extended even further while still capturing pre-event footage.

Thinkware RADAR can be used on Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0 (ESP 2.0) which is supported on the U1000 and X1000 Dash Cams.

ESP 1.0 allows Thinkware Dash Cams to record more time, but 1.0 only records after an impact is detected, so there is no footage before the incident.

When RADAR detects motion, it will wake the Dash Cam for a short time. If there is an impact during this time, RADAR allows the Dash Cam to record 20 seconds of footage, including before an impact is detected.