Thinkware Dash Cam U1000

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Thinkware Dash Cam Klarna
The flagship model U1000 dash cam from Thinkware. Capture true 4K UHD forward-facing footage and 2K QHD rear footage with the rear camera. Paired with the award-winning Super Night Vision 2.0, this dashcam will record the highest quality footage day or night.
Packed full of advanced features such as built-in-GPS, Speed Camera Database, Advanced Parking Mode, Timelapse mode and Energy Saving Mode to keep you protected longer. Plus add the optional Radar to access even more features.
The Thinkware Cloud App gives you access to Geo-fencing, Vehicle locator option and Impact notifications to further protect your vehicle.
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U1000 Key Features

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
  • Dash Cam                         
  • 12V Power Cable
  • MicroSD Card       
  • USB MicroSD Card Reader
  • Windshield Mount           
  • Spare 3M Mounting Tape
  • Adhesive Cable Clips       
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Camera: 8.42 Megapixel, Sony Exmor R STARVIS
  • Resolution: Front 4k Ultra HD (3840x2160p)
  • Capacity: Micro SD Card 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
  • Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G)
  • GPS: Built-in GPS
  • WI-FI: Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Power Input Power: DC 12/24V
  • ETC: Security LED / Operation Status / GPS Receiver LED / Wi-Fi LED
  • Download full specifications
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

4K Video Quality

Equipped with the latest Sony Starvis IMX335 Image Sensors lets you record in crystal clear 4K 2160p UHD front and 2K 1440p QHD rear cam footage day or night at 30FPS. The 156° wide angle lens view will minimize blind spots to assure recording of all events without fail.
Dynamic 2K
You can now choose between recording in 4K at 30FPS or in 2K at 60FPS. The higher frame rate delivers both smoother and sharper images making capturing still images and revealing crucial information even easier.
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Thinkware Cloud App

Connect your Thinkware Dash Cam directly via Wi-Fi to your iOS or Android Smartphone using the Thinkware Cloud app. This makes viewing and downloading your footage increadibly easy, you can also manage the dashcams settings from here. It’s a simple way to ensure you never lose any important footage.

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Geo Fencing & Vehicle Location

Stay up to date with your vehicle’s location. Simply set the address via postcode or pin point on the map and choose a zone from 100m upto 600km. Then if the dashcam leaves the area it will send a push notification to the app. The location is updated every 10 seconds and you can manually check the current location, speed and heading via the intergrated Google Maps feature on the Cloud app.

Remote Live View

Monitor your vehicle with your smartphone. Watch what is happening in real-time whilst the vehicle is in Continuous driving mode for up to 300 minutes per month, this allowance resets on the 1st of every month. (Live View Resolution 768x452p at 15fps). Your dashcam can also send you an alert when the camera has detected a impact whilst in parking mode.

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Impact Notifications

Track the safety of the driver with Stong Impact Notifications. When the Dashcam detects a big impact, The camera will send an alert notification to anyone logged on to the same Thinkware account with the impact location. A 20 second video, 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the incident will then be uploaded to the cloud server allowing users to download and view via the app.

The Thinkware Cloud features will only work when the vehicle ignition is on and the dash cam is in Continuous Driving Mode. The Thinkware Cloud App must be downloaded to the Smartphone and an account must be registered. The dash cam must be connected via hotspot to a smartphone or wifi dongle that is located within the vehicle at all time to use the Cloud Features. This requires an internet connection with data available. Carrier fees and charges will apply.

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Super Night Vision 2.0

The Thinkware camera uses advancements in lens and computing power to revolutionise night time recording with their Trademarked Super Night Vision. The system uses ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology and real-time image processing to capture far greater detail at night. The 2.0 version now allows for use in Continuous Mode as well as the original Parking Mode.

Parking Surveillance Mode

Parking mode is a feature of dash cams that are either hardwired or using the OBD2 Connector. This allows them to continue recording while your car is parked and turned off. All Thinkware dashcams continuously monitor the health of the vehicle’s battery and will shut down if it detects any issues.

Please note: A hardwire or OBDII cable installation is required for Parking Mode functionality

Motion Detection

Monitor and capture any motion around the vehicle for potential vandalism attempts.

Impact Detection

Monitor any impact to the vehicle while it is parked to catch any hit-and-run driver in the act while you are away.

Time Lapse Parking Mode

Catch any potential bumps, scrapes and other incidents by recording footage from your vehicle when you are not nearby. Timelapse mode records at 2 frame per second (FPS) to reduce the size of the video file. This allows the dash cam to record longer than other dash cams whilst in parking mode.
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Energy Saving Mode 2.0

The improved energy mode further reduces power consumption and provides even longer video recording than our original energy-saving and parking modes. When you are away from your car for an extended period of time, energy saving parking recording is a recommended solution.
When in use, the device will go to sleep and after an impact has been detected by the built-in G-sensor, it will wake up within a second and start recording for the next 20 seconds.

Thinkware Radar

Add the optional radar to access even more from your camera’s parking mode. With energy-saving mode, the dashcam will enter sleep mode when in parking mode. When the radar detects motion, the dashcam will power back up. If an impact is then detected, the camera will then save a 20-second clip (10 seconds before impact and 10 seconds after impact) and store this for viewing. If no impact is detected the unit will simply power back down to save your vehicle’s battery.

Thinkware Dash Cam Radar Module

Built-in GPS Antenna

Safety Camera Alerts

Get audio warnings from your cash cam when approaching a wide variety of road safety cameras*.
Thinkware Dash Cams provides active alert for these 5 types of road safety cameras while still recording videos.

*UK speed camera (Cyclops) database with regular free updates

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Red Light Warning System

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Speed Camera Warning System

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Red Light & Speed Camera Warning System

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Average Speed Warning System

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Mobile Zone Warning System

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Forward Collision Warning System

Warns the driver of impending road hazards.

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Front Vehicle Departure Warning

Informs the driver of the vehicle ahead starting to move.
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Lane Departure Warning System

Detects if the vehicle is veering off the driving lane.

GPS Mapping

With GPS, all Thinkware dash cams can record the vehicle’s driving speed and provide its precise location and routes identification on the map. The GPS Tracker helps you to accurately assess the details of the surrounding area. The PC/Mac viewer can then provide you with the vehicle speed and the time of a collision, and the severity of any impacts.

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

PC / Mac Viewer

The intuitive and simple-to-use interface of Thinkware Dash Cam allows you an easy and convenient viewing of your recorded videos. Through PC or Mac viewer, you can playback and download recorded videos. You can also change the dash cam settings, format the memory card, or install updates with just a few clicks on the viewer.

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Wide Dynamic Range

Avoid overexposure in your Dash Cam footage when experiencing sources of bright light whilst driving, keeping your footage clearer.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is technology that allows the dashboard camera to capture a clearer image in a strongly contrasted environment. It can solve problems such as intense contrasts of light sources. In the event of a sudden change in frontal light exposure, such as when driving into or out of a tunnel or driving directly into bright sunshine, the Wide Dynamic Range function will eliminate excessively bright spots on the recordings.

Multiple Recording Modes

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

The Active Impact Monitoring System will automatically store the video data ten seconds prior to and after a collision registered by the 3-axis G-Sensor.

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

Similar to a video camera, you can use the Manual Recording Mode to capture events that occur in front of your vehicle whether or not it is in motion.

Thinkware Dash Cam U1000 - Thinkware Dash Cam - £0.00

In the event that the power gets disconnected after an accident, the fail-safe recording uses the Super Capacitor for backup power to ensure safe storage of any recording in progress.

Format Free Technology

Avoid corrupt memory cards and the slow process of having to reformat your SD Cards with the free flowing recording system.

One of the most common issues with a Dash cam’s reliability is the SD card, these cards are continuously overwritten and often become corrupt if not formatted often. This normally means that you have to remove the SD card and put it into a computer to reformat it. Thinkware have overcome this vulnerability by making the dashcam pre-allocate the memory, avoiding the need to format the SD card on a regular basis and making the footage easily viewable on our Thinkware viewer software.

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High-Temperature Protection System

Protects your dashboard camera from overheating and causing potentially irreversible damage to it or its data.

The specially designed heat discharge construction and the built-in thermal sensor of the dash cam protects the device and its data against intense heat by automatically turning it off to prevent overheating. All Thinkware cameras use a Super Capacitor, designed with Temperature Protection, for an emergency power source in the event of a crash or sudden power loss, allowing the unit to save the last 10 seconds of an incident.

Thinkware Dash Cam Rear Camera device

Rear Camera

Designed to be mounted inside the vehicle on the rear window facing out. A 156° wide-angle lens captures all footage from behind the vehicle in 2K QHD detail. A great enhancement to parking mode.

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