F790 Replacement Cradle Mount


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Thinkware Dash Cam Klarna
A replacement for the F790 integrated mount used to make the removal of the camera quick and simple.

Thinkware Dash Cam Plugin

A simple solution for mounting and dismounting your dash cam while maintaining a sense of sharpness and sleekness in design.

F790 Replacement Cradle Mount - Thinkware Dash Cam - £59.99

Secure connecting mechanism

The dash cam perfectly clips into Thinkware Dash Cam Plugin. It uses a connecting mechanism embedded within the connector cradle for a secure and safe connection.

F790 Replacement Cradle Mount - Thinkware Dash Cam - £59.99

Clean Cable Integration

The power cable and GPS module are connected on Thinkware Dash Cam Plugin. This reduces the risk of overheating as the power connector is separated from the main unit.

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