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F70 / F100 Locking Box


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Thinkware Dash Cam Klarna

The Thinkware Locking Box is a compact solution for dash cam users who need to apply an extra layer of security for their F100, F70 or F50 Series dash cams. Ideal for commercial, fleet and rental vehicles, The Secure box locks the power cable and Micro SD memory card into the unit, preventing the stored footage from being tampered.

The locking box can also secure accessories such as Thinkware GPS Antenna and other secondary cameras on the F100. With Thinkwares Hard Wire Cable and proper installation, the camera can’t be turned off when the vehicles engine is running.

The Locking Box is intended to avoid unauthorised removal of power cables, GPS cables and SD cards by Drivers.

Comes with a unique security removal tool

Compatible with F100, F70 and F50 Series

SPECIAL NOTE: While the Locking box keeps the power plug and memory card from getting removed, it’s not designed to prevent theft or unauthorised removal of the camera. This means the camera can still be detached from the windscreen mount

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