Commercial Packs

Thinkware Dash Cam are pleased to announce the launch of our new range of bespoke commercial solutions. 

Our mix and match packages can be tailored to your exact requirements. Start by choosing a base Dashcam pack, these have been chosen to give you the perfect balance between budget and functionality.  Then choose from a wide variety of options to add up to 5 cameras and accessories to protect you and your vehicle.

Thinkware is the perfect choice for any Taxi or Private hire driver. 

How it works

Thinkware Dash Cams have pioneered front and rear (2 Channel) dashcam systems for many years. The innovative MB-100 adaptor included in our packs of 3 or more cameras allows up to four cameras to be combined into a single channel, normally only used for the rear camera. This enhancement allows up to four video feeds to be recorded into a single video file, saving on SD card storage space and providing an all-around view of events from a single recording; while the front dashcam records as normal into its own video file. All in Full HD!  

Possible camera combinations:

Internal Infra-red: Designed to be mounted on the front windscreen, facing into the vehicle. A 140° wide-angle lens records footage of all occupants, including the front seat, in all lighting conditions. Even pitch black! 

Rear Camera: Designed to be mounted inside the vehicle on the rear window facing out. A 170° wide-angle lens captures all footage from behind the vehicle.  A great enhancement to parking mode. 

External Rear IR Camera: No Rear window?  No Problem!  Our external camera is fully waterproof to IP68.  Designed to mount Horizontal, Vertical or Inverted, the fully adjustable bracket will always point the 160° wide-angle lens in the right direction 

Side Camera: No need to stop at cover for the front, interior & rear of your vehicle.  Our discreet, non-damaging external side cameras can add all-around protection to your Dash Cam.  The 140° lens Allows recording of passengers entering or exiting the vehicle, as well as providing the ultimate in parking mode protection.

Choose your base pack from the selection below and build your perfect solution.

Choose Your Base Pack

Thinkware Dash Cam F200 Pro Front View of Camera

Thinkware Dash Cam F200 Pro

WIFI Connectivity

Sleek, discreet styling and packed with features. The F200 Pro records at 1080P full HD and is enhanced with WDR (wide dynamic range) and Thinkware’s industry leading parking mode, super night vison and time lapse parking mode*

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Thinkware Dash Cam X700 Front View of Camera

Thinkware Dash Cam X700

LCD Touch Screen

It’s 2.7” LCD reactive touchscreen provides instant access to incidents, accidents & the settings menu. Receive visual notifications of driver assistance alerts (when switched on) & review parking mode* events at the touch of a finger.

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Thinkware Dash Cam T700 Front View of Camera

Thinkware Dash Cam T700

Stay Connected

The T700 provides the ultimate protection while driving or away from your vehicle. Connected via the Vodafone Smart Sim** the T700 can send notifications & video of strong impacts while driving or during parking mode* View Captured images of the last parked location and monitor vehicle status & driving history via the mobile app. SOS alerts can also be sent at the touch of a button

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Thinkware Dash Cam F790

Thinkware Dash Cam F790

Sleek Clutter Free design with Video out capabilities

Thanks to the F790’s all-new mount, the cables & GPS antenna have been neatly integrated to keep wires to a minimum. Super Night Vision 3.0 technology, coupled with HDR, enhances the F790’s Full HD night recording capabilities so you don’t miss important details when driving in dark conditions.

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*Requires a hardwire or OBD2 connection
** £3/€3 subscription per month on a rolling 30-day contract, payable directly to Vodafone
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