Jet Setters and Road Trippers

Jet setters and Road trippers 1

If you’re planning a road trip this summer, you’ll want to check out our selection of dash cams that offer incredible features and unbeatable durability. Whether you need a simple or a sophisticated device, every Thinkware dash cam is engineered to provide you with optimal protection on the road. Reliable, High-Quality Dashcam. If you are […]

Get Summer Ready with Thinkware.

Get Summer Ready with Thinkware. -

GET SUMMER READY WITH THINKWARE. ​ Your Trusty Companion on the Road and Beyond… Hello fellow road-trippers and jet-setters! With summer just around the corner, I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to finally have the chance to escape from the daily grind and embark on those long-awaited summer adventures. Whether you’re planning an […]

Our tips for winter driving.

Our tips for winter driving. -

Always Be Prepared. Whether you are driving to visit family this Autumn or heading out on a road trip, make sure you’re prepared with all the right equipment and essentials for the journey ahead. We all know that the English weather during the autumn and winter months can be very unpredictable therefore it is vital […]

Cloud Connected Dash Cams

Cloud Connected Dash Cams -

Las cámaras de tablero de gama alta de Thinkware, como la F800 Pro, Q800 Pro y U1000, se conectan a Thinkware Cloud. Se conectan a través de un punto de acceso WiFi que puede ser uno incorporado en el vehículo, un teléfono inteligente en modo de punto de acceso o un MiFi. Ahora, el Q800Pro […]

Frecuencia Wi-Fi y cámaras de tablero

Frecuencia Wi-Fi y cámaras de tablero -

When the country entered lockdown, there was a sudden increase in people using video conferencing for meetings. Broadband networks were strained and I’ve lost count of the number of times the picture has frozen, or the sound was lost when using programs such as Skype or Zoom. The issue wasn’t down to broadband speeds so […]

La importancia de tener 2 canales Dash Cams

La importancia de tener 2 canales Dash Cams -

Cuando obtienes una cámara de tablero y conduces por la autopista, invariablemente un vehículo aparece repentinamente a unos pocos pies detrás de tu parachoques trasero a medida que adelantas gradualmente a los autos en el carril central. Inmediatamente te preguntas, “¿por qué no tengo una cámara mirando detrás de mí?”. En el lanzamiento de la […]

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