Always Be Prepared.

Whether you are driving to visit family this Autumn or heading out on a road trip, make sure you’re prepared with all the right equipment and essentials for the journey ahead. We all know that the English weather during the autumn and winter months can be very unpredictable therefore it is vital to prepare yourself and your car.  

Here are some helpful tips when planning your trip: 

  • Plan your route, not just with Google maps (purchase a Road Map if you are travelling far) 
  • Check your vehicle before you drive – oil, tyre pressures, windscreen fluid 
  • Check the weather, you may need to purchase winter tyres before your trip. 
  • Dashcams, if you are in an accident, you have a clear recording of the incident 
  • Bring snacks and water – it is important to keep hydrated while you drive  
  • Divide the responsibility between the licensed drivers, this decreases the risk of accidents due to tiredness or lack of concentration.  

Wet Conditions

Driving in the rain is an everyday occurrence. Rain happens all the time, and people still must go places even when it’s wet on the roads. But wet weather driving can be hazardous, causing skids, hydroplaning, and slick roads. It can be tough to keep control of your vehicle when roadways are wet. 

During heavy rain conditions and flooding, it is often better to stay where you are. If possible, stay out of hazardous rain and wait until the worst has passed before you hit the road. 

Rain means you need to budget for a longer travel time as traffic will be moving slower, and you will need to slow down.  

Winter Conditions

 It is important to be prepared to drive in the winter, as dark nights and colder weather draw in. Breakdowns and accidents are more common in the winter when road conditions are challenging. 

The roads can be dangerous in winter when there’s snow, ice, or sleet. Our top tip is to take it slow. Stopping distances can be 10 times longer when it’s icy. Gentle maneuvers and slow speeds are the key to safedriving on ice and snow. 

In the season of winter colds, don’t drive with a cold if you’re feeling unwell and are on any medicine that could make you drowsy. It could affect your reaction times.

Whatever the weather may bring you need to take care on the roads. Weather causes over 800,000 accidents each year in the UK. Make sure you plan your journey, take regular breaks, and stay focused.  

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