What is Super Night Vision?

Driving at night can be a lot more intimidating than driving in the daytime. Dark roads, poor visibility, and glare caused by artificial lighting can all cause problems. That’s why you can rest assured that Thinkware Dashcam has your back during the night.

A car dash cam should record quality video both during night and day. While most car dash cams record clear and detailed videos during the day, the quality drops more during low light settings. Thinkware’s Super Night Vision successfully boosts exposure when light is minimal.

What is Super Night Vision? -

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What is Super Night Vision? -
Thinkware Dash Cam U1000
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Super Night Vision

While in parking mode the Thinkware camera uses advancements in lens and computing power to revolutionise nighttime recording with their Trademarked Super Night Vision. 

The system uses ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology and real-time image processing to capture greater detail at night, further protecting your vehicle while parked.

F200, F200Pro, X700

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Super Night Vision 2.0

Dash cam videos recorded in a low-light environment, such as dark alleys or parking lots, may not be clearly identifiable.

Super Night Vision 2.0 uses Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology to record a clear, visible video in any situation- while driving or parked, which is active while driving and in parking mode.

U1000, Q800Pro, T700, M1, X800

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Super Night Vision 3.0

Record night drives with true colors and minimal noise thanks to Thinkware’s latest advancements in low-light recording technology that surpasses its predecessors’ night-time performance. HDR (High Dynamic Range) multi-exposure captures maximum image detail in high-contrast scenes and corrects exposure levels when a subject is too dark or too bright.

Q1000, F790

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