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When we get past the showers, it’s time to take the dust covers off your motorbike in the garage to make the most of improved weather and lighter evenings. The M1 Sports Cam has been upgraded from IP66 to IP68, to help if the showers and thunderstorms catch you by surprise.

As we emerge from another lockdown and many people are rusty on the roads, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Speeds are up too so we need to be extra vigilant. The dual camera M1 monitors what is happening both ahead and behind you with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) on the front camera, capturing whatever happens around you.

Should something catch your attention, you can press the manual record button, usually mounted on the handlebars, recording a minute clip that commences 10 seconds before the button press. This is stored into a separate folder, protecting it from being overwritten by the loop recording.

We have recently introduced a 5.5m extension cable for the rear camera, to facilitate the installation in larger bikes or even off-road vehicles. As an example, Jeep in the US are selling the M1. Then for really big off-road vehicles, there is a version that can distance both cameras up to 7m from the control box. In this configuration you lose the EIS, but those vehicles are not expected to be moving that fast.

All that remains to be said is, “mind how you go”!

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