As we advance into winter and we experience more darkness we’ll need that extra capability in our dash cams to see the unexpected.

Thinkware introduced Super Night Vision 1.0 in parking mode with the F770, at the same time as introducing time lapse photography. This is essentially halving the frame rate in parking mode allowing the shutter to remain open for twice as long, to capture more light. As well as the F770 this is supported by the X700 and new F200 Pro.

When the F800 Pro was launched, the image sensor was changed to the Sony Starvis sensor, which was specifically designed for low light conditions. This improved night vision in driving mode and enhanced the parking mode night vision even more. We call this Super Night Vision 2.0.

As well as the F800 Pro, this is supported by the Q800 Pro and U1000. As well as capturing the antics of trick and treaters this Halloween it’s vital in capturing that all-important footage when driving at night or leaving your car parked in low light conditions.

Here’s a video to demonstrate:

Thinkware Dash Cam Logo

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