Back during the London Olympics , I had driven my Audi A4 cabrio into central London one day and drove out towards Ipswich passing the Olympic complex on my right. As it was a beautiful evening, I had the roof down, which heightened my senses as to what was around me. At every set of traffic lights I was surrounded by bicycles, and as the lights turned green, they swarmed around me like mosquitos, which was terribly unnerving.


Fast track to today and this July we are about to see the bikes joined by rental e-scooters, thanks to a government trial being brought forward because of the need to keep people off public transport. I can remember the push scooter craze of 2003 and falling several times because of the small wheels, so anticipate many casualties.


That means car drivers will need more protection against unjustified liability. As the saying goes, drivers will need eyes in the back of their heads. Thankfully Thinkware offer the most extensive Dash Cam range which enables simultaneous recording, front and rear should an incident occur. 

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